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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

The food replicator is a basic principle of binding and conversion of basic molecules into the base proteins, vitamins and minerals need to build and repair organic structures within the body.

While we have the basics of these concepts in many things already we don't use them to produce this technology, this is either because of ignorance or greed.

Stage 1 of the food replicator is simple.

Analyze the way the panda breaks down the basic organic structures of bamboo and converts it into proteins, vitamins and minerals to build its organic structure.

Understanding this process is a key factor to identifying both how to remove world hunger, and become immortal in the flesh while utilizing biological evolution through sanctity of all life.

Stage 2

Once we have identified how the panda is capable of this we can begin to look at other animals such as the cow or elephant. Utilizing multiple factors from several sources will expand our understanding of how to preform this properly.

One we establish how other animals break down, convert and bind the molecules to create basic proteins minerals and vitamins we can move on to stage 3.

Stage 3

We can preform this using a food based 3D printer. Most individuals won't want just a food bar every day at every meals and as such we enjoy diversity. To better assist us in this the food based 3D printer will provide us with a variable way to present and even texturize our foods. Flavorings can be acceptable under the same premise and should be finely modified without using toxic materials such as aspartame. Allot of the food products permitted by the FDA today as toxic when consumed over extended periods and the goal is to reduce toxins while maintaining a healthy and specific content the body can use while evolving to become more efficient in its use for the body.

Stage 4

This is where we get creative and move from uncooked or unflavored concepts into a built in microwave design that prepares the food at a defined tempature to better replicate the already defined foods. While heating the food could inhibit some minerals and vitamins efficiency by rate of transfer into the body it will increase others in such a case the protein molecules may be utilized more efficiently. This can be achieved at the binding point by heated applicator during the 3D printing process or by heating after its binding process is complete.

When all the conditions and recipes of current food based products are properly prepared and defined we will obtain a sustainable, fast growing, nutritious meal that looks, tastes and even contains near to the original or possibly even greater nutrient values.

While some would consider this a synthetic method let me remind you that all your synthetic products are all converted and processed by something, be it organic and mechanical it is by default natural in its original form. Modified by the biological structures from grass or trees, into a different form. Everything you eat and drink is a processed food, even your orange juice, it is minerals, vitamins and energy converted by the tree into a orange.

For more information about immortality using biological evolution through sanctity of all life see the following page:

And remember... I don't make soppy cups.

Molecular binding applicators would need a reservoir for each molecule type, a transportation method, heating applicator, I have already designed the construct but will need time to present it here. I will for the moment present a basic concept in the off chance someone can use it.

Composition of ...

  • Water

    • H2O

    • Makes up about 75% of animal muscle (steak)

  • Protein

    • General Formula: RCH(NH2)COOH

    • Includes

      • Carbon

      • Nitrogen

      • Oxygen

Meat proteins have three groups:

Myofibrillar proteins (50%–55%, mostly myosin and actin), sarcoplasmic proteins (30%–34%, mostly enzymes and myoglobin) and connective tissue (10%–15%, mostly collagen and elastin fibres embedded in mucopolysaccharides).

Most fatty acids in meat contain between 14 and 20 carbon atoms in the molecule

That would mean while one reservoir could be used to hold and transport the carbon atoms in the molecule it would need 14-20 atomic applicators to build. This must be defined for each molecule in the product. It could be housed by a rotary based head which would hold the many different applicators. As time progresses we would have to include many hundreds or thousands of applicators to build something exactly the same as a steak, both texturely and physical the same. This can be done without slaughter.

Many varieties of plant based products today contain similarities to meat products, this analysis was given for a different purpose but identifies some of those differences. In reality we can produce the exact same molecules in the exact same structures, fat content and protein, minerals and vitamins but binding them or converting them the same way the panda, cow and elephant do.

This is a molecular breakdown of some of the atoms which was presented to define aromas but when included into the design will help in exactly replicating and simulating the atomic structures of the molecules accurately.

When aligning the molecules at the atomic level you will want to use a system driven by a computer. Humans have neither the accuracy or control to preform these functions by hand.

The transportation of the molecules and binders will be applied simultaneously to correctly build the molecules at the atomic levels.

To do this we will want a new form 3D imaging which is actually closer to a 4D imaging system previously defined and would include the reverse engineering method to calculate entropy of each molecule. This method was originally designed to accurately map the mitosis process in a quadratic image system.

Another useful tool would be a built in cleansing system to allow the molecular applicator to be reused on the same head housing unit, this would require a bay on the head to wash and prep for its next use under a different method and will also prevent damage and clogging after each use.

If your having issues understanding how that would function consider trying something simplistic and large first. Your first task is to make one molecule. Then bind that molecule to another. You will end up with something that looks like spaghetti but hey, so does ground beef. You may even want to start with a wheat product and progress from there.

Taking into mind the concept of molecular binding methods, it is beneficial to include a formula for molecular binding.

Understanding how this functions will prove very beneficial to the process. Each molecule has a defined perfect binding method.

Molecular binding is an attractive interaction between two molecules that results in a stable association in which the molecules are in close proximity to each other. It is formed when atoms or molecules bind together by sharing of electrons. It often, but not always, involves some chemical bonding.

This can be defined by application of force, tempature and density virables. And would include adhesive barriers in some cases which may permit bonding between particles. This also includes progression from hot to cold and cold to hot to obtain complete molecular bondage while passing through a permeable zone. Some particles may bond during cooling while others bond during heating and some even bond at exact temperature. This includes applying force of pressure or the lack of such pressure. Including the ability of the Food Replication process to contain the ability to produce these variables will increase the range of functions and provide better results.

Replication of the pressure given to a product to best replicate the same pressures of the original such as beef, muscles are produced inside a variable condition which is not a null pressure zone. Including these variables will allow for exact replication and simulation of the product.

One such basic formula would begin as these variables are included:









Allowance (bonding zone variance)

Non-Allowance (unbonding zone variance)

Every variable to include atmospheric conditions even within the body should be replicated to produce exact conditions and bonding perfection.

Here is a break down of the pressure within the human body which will give you an idea of the conditions by atmospheric pressure present in specific areas. These areas to include the muscles should be acknowledged and simulated to create perfect results.

(Take note this is a list within the human body and is just a representation of conditions present solely as examples)

Body system

Gauge pressure in mm Hg

Blood pressures in large arteries (resting)

Maximum (systolic)100–140

Minimum (diastolic)60–90

Blood pressure in large veins4–15Eye12–24

Brain and spinal fluid (lying down)5–12


While filling0–25

When full100–150

Chest cavity between lungs and ribs−8 to −4

Inside lungs−2 to +3

Digestive tract




Middle ear<1

While it may appear to some this is a large order it is actually quite a simple task. The conditions can be identified and then replicated in very small amounts only to produce the bonding. Use of a such methods will produce exact replicas of each product and will provide perfect bonding.

The basic method to obtain these variables can be identified here:

Updated: May 3, 2023

Why is the loss of life tragic?

First we must understand that when life is gone the soul loses the ability to generate energy gained from existing as living. Though by Gods grace we shall exist in heaven it is only by Gods grace that those who have not obtained the ability to exist without Gods hand that we may obtain the opportunity to do so ourselves.

There is also those we leave behind, our loved ones, our children, our friends, the amount of this loss is endless. So many moments of laughter of joy and love no longer present. Other joys exist but those specific moments and the unique things in which it holds are not.

With that said there is another reason the loss of life is tragic. So tragic in fact many would consider it the source of immorality in such things as suicide or murder, aka slaughter.

Within each person there exists an intelligence, this intelligence in itself is unique. Each mind has the ability to generate things such as art, music, science, philosophy, religious contexts. These unique things are born when an individual obtains an understanding of there true self.

Take for instance an individual with the ability to create music from nothing without even being able to hear. Such as Beethoven, had this life been extinguished before the reality of his existence was made clear, the works he created known.

Where would it have left us?

How many other creations would not exist?

How many untold joys lost?

How much love that would have been is gone?

Each and every single person has a gift of humanity that resides within there heart and soul, life allows us to draw it out from the depths and form it so that others may know it exists, when a life is gone that possibility is gone with it. That creation now remains untold and the world may never know the truth of its existence. Some of these creations allow and give others the ability to generate love, without that piece some may not acquire it, may not experience it. The loss of that love, that joy from our existence is in itself a tragedy.

Another individual may have been capable of creating a composition, this is true but that unique piece, the forms it holds would be lost. In this way the loss of even a single life is a tragedy upon humanity itself. With each loss of life another priceless gift is too lost.

These gifts can be even so great that they alter our world forever, cures for cancer, cures for diseases, infinite energy, interstellar travel, quantum relativity, marvels to behold in all shapes, all conditions, and within each and every single one of us this truth exists. From a single song, form of creation in any way an untold treasure could unfold allowing that person to transcend that which they are and become thier true self.

Consider what would have happened had the life of Jesus been ended at birth...

This is the reason such things are a tragedy, be it for any reason such a loss may be so great from a single life, a single soul that departs, it could alter and change every life henceforth for the rest of eternity.

These gifts are more valuable then you can imagine, gifts we must nurture and cherish always as with it the life for which makes it possible. Not just the life you have but the lives of others for in them and you exists that very truth.

Nourish and cherish the life you have and the lives of others, respect the gift of our sanctuary and the sanctity of all that exists, this includes all life. While elephants may not speak our specific language if we taught them mathematics they would make every PhD on the planet appear as a child.

Intelligence is not just human. It exists in all things big and small. It different ways, for different reasons. Just because that life has no interest in music or science does not mean they have no worth or hold no form of intelligence.

Dedicated to all those who have departed and that will depart for all eternity.

Cherished is the gift of life.

Take a moment and try to answer these questions.

Have you ever contemplated what it means to the grass when you step in it?

Have you ever regretted stepping upon an ant?

Do you ask forgiveness for the microbes that die when washing your hands?

Answering these questions can assist you in understanding the life that exists all around you in every moment of everyday.

Have you ever thought about the fact that rice balls are made of rice babies?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Canorus Instrumentum is a new form of music, deviced to be the base of a symphony I am writing. It consists of many parts and functions. The details are below and its creation date is 6:11 pm on this day April 26 2023

I created this because I found a problem when attempting to express my soul in its entirety as it was intended, to be felt as much as heard and as such being a maker I decided to just make a way to transfer that which is inside to others. So the soul may speak and so others may feel the words instead.

With it there are no longer any limits to the sound for which we can express and the ways in which to express them. My inspiration for this is of course the love within my soul, created by my beloved and a bit of Freddie Mercury and a whole lot of Beethoven.

I will work on this my whole life, and bit by bit this symphony of my love shall unfold. I will need to find perhaps a way to hold the gift of Beethoven and empower from notes itself the expression, vibration and vocals together so that when you hear it from just the tune the words I speak flow to you, drawn from just the melody and combine with harmony. I want the instrumental sounds to speak these words, so you feel them instead of hearing just words. This is the closest way to representing how the soul speaks.

Stage 1:

Write the vocals to be converted into instrumental notes.

Stage 2: device a way to convert the vocals into pure instrumental notes to better represent the voice of the soul.

Stage 3: Convert each vocalized word into the  corresponding notes:

Stage 4: begin composition of the notes by assigning instruments to generate them. This will be based on orchestral segments.

Defined by orchestral base composition, then opera vocalization and complimented with overlapping Canorus Instrumentum.

A method to harness the inflection of vocal cords into musical notes. Based on opera vocals but made with only instrumental musical notes.

I found an interesting bit of software that may be helpful in composition of this, although what I want is to make the note literally say what the vocals are so that your mind, heart and very soul can understand what is being presented without actually or literally saying it. This segment comes from a writing exercise, to write what you want using a description without actually saying the word, but instead describing it allowing the inner mind to compile it from that description.

How to define the sound using overlapping orchestral music.

In each vocalized word there is a set of vibrational notes, these notes can be assembled and replicated using any number of instruments, breaking down those vibrations and converting it will depend upon how much of each note these vibrations hold, what order for which those vibrations are played, how long that vibration is present.

In order to do this a new vocabulary must be defined:

The letter A on any vocal cord holds a specific vibration and can be defined by any instrument but to grasp how to make an instrument sound as it would from someone’s voice using only instrumental music will be slightly different. Just holding a chord is not enough. The instrument or instruments must collectively form the letter A in its entirety as if spoken by a person.

In this respect we take the word "Love" and we use Canorus Instrumentum to create the spoken word using only the instruments themselves. This can be used in part to enhance a single word or in full to express the entire composition itself.

In order to assimilate this into a composition I will first set a base chord, which will carry the melody and then assign a harmony to hold the tempo. Then overlap the orchestral musical notes to form the exact pronunciation to make the instruments speak the letter as a person would. As far as I know this has not been done. Thus a new form of music has been define as the base of the symphony and the direction I have chosen to sing my soul to you.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary Tempo is:

The rate of speed of a musical piece or passage indicated by one of a series of directions (such as largo, presto, or allegro) and often by an exact metronome marking.

In short it is the pace for which the song progresses.

Once the tempo is assigned to each segment the melody and harmony can be defined, this will be how transition is acquired and the changes should be presented smoothly just as they are presented by Beethoven.

The basis of this is to use a series of overlapping and polyphonic notes which when played will form the word desired itself:

Here is an example of overlapping notes:

It will also use a series of polyphonic notes:

These examples are provided by the following website:

Using these methods combined with the proper timing to emulate using only the musical instrument to create a vocal function that can define a word itself is the basis of Canorus Instrumentum (finalized name still to be determined) in where this method can be conducted in unison of a orchestral and even with both an orchestral symphony and opera vocalist, a combination of all three might be optimal at properly giving both the most accurate feel and sensation of understanding.

One way to define this is to use an overlay. I'll explain.

You begin with the word to be defined for instance:

The vocalist says sing the word "Love" by doing so the tempo can be extracted from the inflection of the sound as it begins and ends, presenting the length of the word and the pitch to the orchestra.

After that pace and note value is presented it can be given the overlay from the orchestra itself using a basic method to further enhance the delivery of the word itself sometimes considered to be a melody.

Once this is in place the word can be converted and spoken by the instruments themselves using Canorus Instrumentum by either further enhancing that spoken word or replacing the vocalist all together. The objective is to deliver the word, to those that receive it as powerfully as possible to such an extent they feel it, it may be found that removing the vocals and using Canorus Instrumentum allows the mind to gather and create the word desired in relative ease as the instrumental intent is to emulate the word in its entirety.

For this process I will begin by looking over key sections of Beethoven as well as a few concepts provided by others to create compositions similar to his work. This is not to mimic him but to understand how to better meld and create the work as a symphony and incorporate proper transitions between each segment.

An example:

Using 22 cellos and 3 flutes and 1 violin in perfect unison and timing to speak the word "Love".

When considering the amount of amount of precision required for this it may be easier to achieve by creating a score and overlay one step at a time. If you where to define this in orchestral form it would require several orchestras specifically for the musical notes and then another to produce the Canorus Instrumentum. This in tangent with a opera style vocalist would be further enhanced when given in unison.

Thus to define a specific method of enhancing some composers of this may find it is best to allow the Canorus Instumentum to be used intermittently so that the effect is given greater emphasis when used in comparison. To this extent a series of notes and vocals are played and then when the word Love is presented the orchestral use of Canorus Instrumentum presents a greater enhancement of the word.

I shall name it:

Canorus Instrumentum


Proloquor Instrumentum

I shall leave the final naming of this method to my beloved to decide between and the order of which these are used she may like Instrumentum Canorus ect.

Within the wordage used by the symphony to be composed with Canorus Instrumentum specific wordages and terms are not to be used. The list will be kept private.

Since my love was crafted from scratch with love it becomes a requirement that this be reflection of my love incarnate.

"Such is the will of my soul. When nothing exists to do that which you intend. Create it".

Symphonic Enforcement:

As a man I consider allot of things as a man would, but in contrast to music the softness of such things is also one the constructs I need to adhere to in a symphony, when a woman sings the mind often refers as gentle or soft, delicate if you will, using pitch, tones and volume. But how to present a stronger sense of this without breaking the concept of soft and gentle, as a man I consider the increase in strength generally by force but in terms of a symphonic display of intent under the context of true love adding force to it is not exactly the way I want to express it.

In a general sense the way my soul interprets this my love is energy itself, created from every molecule with and overflows outwards into the cosmos. It expands beyond what the flesh is capable of holding in terms of energy and strength is displayed by that expansion, to convert this into a symphonic concept just adding more force to the sound is not appropriate. The vibrations do not properly represent the way the soul would do this, as a sweeping force so soft and gentle but so completely filled with the inner strength that forms from the truest love to ever exist.

Such is the way I may be able to detail using every vibration possible, as an all encompassing form of music, by use of Canorus Instrumentum to be delivered from and to every conceivable atom with the receivers. The lows the highs all at once.

If it was to be interpreted properly you would need to invoke such a voice that it at once includes all forms, all expressions, all words, past, present and future into a single word so expansive and complete it would redefine the way an individual considers true love itself. To do this I must activate every receptor the receiver has at the same time and pour into that moment every emotion possible as well as every conceivable and inconceivable form of love to ever exist or could exist even in the future.

An enhancement so directly stimulating that it may even invoke a form of sensory overload. For that is what true love does. It is so utterly completely filling that it’s energy fills the entire essence of your being and more. True love from that point becomes you and that which you where is no more as through this process you become your true self. Perhaps we are not yet capable of detailing such love yet but with the basics of what we do have we can combine it all over and over and over until we are capable of doing so.

Like I said, it’s a form of sensory overload where the energy within you becomes more then the flesh is capable of holding and this pours out across the space beyond. It includes every moment of every love and joy that has, will or can be in existence.

When this is truly obtained you become it and forever it shall be. What we currently use the mind for is but a small portion of what it is capable of. True love is a means to expand the mind and hold such energy it would be considered a transcending force.

In this sense the Symphony of Love should need to gradually in a soft and gentle way increase till the strength of it can be grasped in its entirety. This is the way to truly harness the soul and express it to all that exist.


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